Mission Statement

The Northeast Ohio Medical Response Corps (NEOMRC) is a dedicated group of volunteers who are committed to serving the community. The primary purpose of this organization is to provide medical support services during public events and in times of emergency to the residents of Northeast Ohio.

The NEOMRC’s mission is to assist the injured and ill, without regard to personal convenience. As a volunteer service organization, it places a strong emphasis on serving the community.

The NEOMRC provides pre-hospital care and communication support to various organizations such as the general public, participants in fundraising activities for non-profit charitable organizations, local Fire Departments and EMS agencies, and others. It also promotes education and training for pre-hospital care providers.

The mission of the Northeast Ohio Medical Reserve Corps is to provide volunteer medical support during local emergencies or when requested and to promote health and wellness in the community of Northeast Ohio. Additionally, NEOMRC volunteers offer education and prevention services to improve the health and well-being of their communities. They also provide emergency preparedness workshops throughout the community to help residents better prepare for possible disasters.

During large-scale emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, influenza epidemics, and acts of terrorism, all NEOMRC volunteers coordinate with existing local emergency response systems. The specific role(s) for each Medical Reserve Corps volunteer is determined by the volunteer’s background and skill level.

Volunteers with special skills and expertise are encouraged to share their knowledge with the community. The NEOMRC is committed to providing pre-hospital care and communication support to the general public and participating in non-profit charitable organizations’ fundraising activities.