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NEOMRC is looking for:

  • Licensed Medical Professionals
  • Licensed Amateur Radio Operators
  • Non-Licensed Volunteers

What Is Expected Of A NEOMRC volunteer?

A NEOMRC Volunteer is expected to attend regular monthly meetings to become familiar with protocols, chain of command, receive an identification badge. Over time, there will be optional trainings to further the disaster preparedness knowledge and personal advancement of the volunteers, as they choose. In the event of an actual emergency, NEOMRC Members would report to the appropriate, pre-designated staging area to be dispatched at the discretion of the NEOMRC Coordinator.

In addition to volunteering for disasters you will be provided the oppurtunity to volunteer for local non-disaster public events.

What Do NEOMRC Volunteers Do During Disaters/Emergencies?

The specific role(s) for each Medical Reserve Corps volunteer is determined by the volunteer’s background and skill level. All NEOMRC volunteers work in coordination with existing local emergency response systems during large-scale emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, influenza epidemics and acts of terrorism.

What Do NEOMRC Volunteers Do When There Is Not A Disater/Emergency?

MRC volunteers offer education and prevention services to improve the health and well-being of their communities. They provide emergency preparedness workshops throughout the community to help residents better prepare for possible disasters. NEOMRC volunteers with special skills and expertise are encouraged to share their knowledge with the community.

In addition, NEOMRC volunteers provide pre-hospital care and/or communications support to the general public and participants in fund raising activities for non-profit charitable organizations.

For More Information On Becoming A NEOMRC Volunteer:

Contact by phone or email…

How To Join

To join the Northeast Ohio Medical Reserve Corps you need to fill out the application form, sign and date, enclose a check for your first years dues, and mail to the address on the top of the application.

Click HERE for the application

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