Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

The reports of the demise of NEOMRC have been greatly exaggerated …

The following is a message from the NEOMRC Chief, Judy Zeitler

I wanted to give the membership of the group a report on what has been going on in the off-season.  This would have been communicated in the February membership meeting, but the training session was cancelled and we did not think is was worthwhile to hold a meeting without CE’s.

As many of you know, Doug has accepted a new position with Verizon and resigned his positions of Chief and Trustee.  In addition, Jerry resigned his positions of Trustee, Training Officer and Captain.

We currently have three trustees.  Although the bylaws specify five, there is no timetable to fill the open positions. 

The current board of Trustees consists of Bob Fehlner (President), David Michl (VP) and Judy Zeitler (Treasurer).  The officers currently consist of Judy Zeitler (Chief) with Bob and Dave filling the positions of Assistant Chief. 

With the loss of Jerry we will be relying on Patty to provide instructors for our training.  We will be communicating the meeting and training schedule in the next few weeks so that everyone can plan accordingly.  

Our next meeting will be held on March 18 due to Spring Break at Kent.  We will be offering CPR in the next several months, please let me know when you current CPR certification expires.

We have several officer positions open.  If you are interested in a Trustee or officer position, please contact one of the existing trustees.

The trustees have identified several areas that need to be addressed immediately. Increasing our membership ranks is the top priority.  TJ has graciously volunteered (or was volunteered), to assist in updating the website and email lists. We are also working on a pamphlet describing our organization that can be distributed to EMS groups and classes.

In the meantime, we will continue supporting our ‘customers’, specifically the MS Society.  Dave will be coordinating the MS150 and some of the other upcoming events.  The list below shows the tentative list of events.

  • MS Walk – Kirtland April 25 (Coordinator – Judy Zeitler)
  • MS Walk – Cleveland  May 2 (Coordinator – Dave Michl)
  • MS Walk – Akron  May 3 
  • MS Walk – Oberlin May 9
  • MS150  August 1 and 2  (Coordinator – Dave Michl)

We are also discussing updates to the bylaws allowing for non-medical members.  They could fill needs for Marketing, Supplies and Membership as well as extra hands at events. If you have any comments regarding this, please let one of us know.

The Board is committed to trying to rebuild the organization.  Any and all help will be appreciated.


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