Fund Raising

How can I help NEOMRC?

Many of you probably already know that the Northeast Ohio Medical Response Corps is considered a non-profit charitable organization designated by the IRS as a 501(c)3.

This means that the government or any other agency does NOT fund us.

How can you help?

For some people, helping may be as easy as contacting your company�s HR department. Some companies encourage its employees to volunteer in the community. As part of this effort, they may support volunteer groups financially via grants.

Some companies also match donations made to non-profit charitable organizations by employees. Others also occasionally conduct fund raising efforts and donate the profits to a �worthy charity�.

The next time you�re at work, check out your company�s website, make a phone call to HR. What can it hurt? The worst thing they can tell you is that they don�t donate to charities. The best thing that they can tell you is that they WILL make a donation to the NEOMRC.

Remember, donations can also take the form of goods and services. Do you know someone that could donate first aid supplies, printing services, radios, paper towels, banners, or any other supplies that could be used at an event we conduct throughout the year? Ask them if they would consider making a donation to the NEOMRC. Sometimes all it takes is someone to ask the question. Many individuals/businesses are willing to donate if they only knew what was needed. When asking for donations, please remember that our logo is copyrighted and regulated. Please contact T.J. Powell at if you have any questions or need official logo for printed materials.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.